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The Rafaheaam Dawakhna (Herbal Laboratories) Ajmali
Rafaheaam Dawakhana was established in 1906, in Badaun U.P. in sub-continent . Hakim Muhammad Jameel Ahmed was founder. Hakim Muhammad Jameel Ahmed was belong to a Hakeem family . He was also a renounce Physician. He established cottage manufacturing of unani medicine. And design many effective and result oriented formulas which are still in market.
His loving son Hakim Muhammad Ajmal Ahmed got guidance from father and got admission in Tibbiya College Dehli and got Degree of Kamil Tibb-wal-Jarrahat in 1941. Hakim Muhammad Ajmal Ahmed was work hard to develop standard formulations of Unani Medicine H also develops cottage manufacturing.
In 1953 he established Clinic and Manufacturing Unit in Karachi he added the name AJMALI at suffix of the Rafaheaam Dawakhana Ajmali, Hakim Muhammad Ajmal Ahmed was a good Hakim (Physician) of unani medicines.
His beloved son Hakim Muhammad Shakil Ahmed learn all fields of tibb e unani. He got degree Fazil Tibb wl Jarahat from Hamdard Tibbi College, Karachi and completed education and got Bachler of Easter Medicines BEMS from Hamdard University, Karachi. He also got Advance Studies of Post Graduate M.Phil. in nephrology.
Kidney Clinics: Nephrology clinics also running under the supervision of Hakim Muhammad Shakil Ahmed since last many years, where renal failure patients are treating successfully.
Neuro clinic: Neuro clinic is also running where congenital Hydrocephalus, Paralysis and other neuro issues are curing successfully.
Infertility Clinics: Primary and secondary infertility and other Gynae Problem are treating successfully.
Gastro Clinic: All ailments related liver, Stomach, Gall Bladder, Intestines etc are successfully treating here
General Clinics: General ailment are treating here
Hakim Muhammad Shakil Ahmed extended cottage Manufacturing to industrial Manufacturing as Rafaheaam Dawakhana (Herbal Laboratories) Ajmali. Rafaheaam Dawakhana (Herbal Laboratories) Ajmali is manufacturing quality Unani Medicines and Herbal Products.
Research and development:The Rafaheaam Dawakhana (Herbal Laboratories) Ajmali also involve in developing new formulation and authentication. ¨C15C Rafaheaam Health Services: It is totally no profit services for humanity, Rafaheaam Health Services is providing Tibbi (medical) Educational lactures and Workshops, free camping and medical mobile services to unaffordable peoples since 90’s.