Unani Medicine

Unani System of Medicine (USM)

The Unani system of medicine (USM) is the most ancient style of medicine has lived with the belief of treating a patient “inside out”, by restoring the balance between the organ systems, leading to a healthier life. Good health and natural wellness for all, with care and compassion at an affordable price are the guiding principles
The Unani system of medicine (USM) is traced to the system of Greek medicine developed during the Arab civilization, is also called the Greco- Arab system. The name Unani (Ionian) is considered indicative of the Greek origin of the system, though the European historians call it Arab medicine.
It was Hippocrates, the Greek philosopher-physician (460 to 377 BCE), who relieved medicine from the grip of superstition and magic and gave it the status of science. The theoretical frame work of USM is based on the teachings of Hippocrates. Subsequent to him, a number of Greek scholars have enriched the system considerably. Of them was Galen (131—210 CE) standing out as the one who established the fundamentals of USM on which the Arab physicians like Rhazes (850-925 CE) and Avicinna (980-1037
CE) constructed an imposing edifice. Thus there is some justification in calling Unani as a Greco-Arab (Islamic) system. By the time the Muslim religion came into being, Unani System of Medicine was in practice.
Most medicines and remedies used in USM are from common herbs, sherbs, minerals and animal sources. USM has shown remarkable results in curing the diseases and disorders like Nervous system disease eg; congenital Hydrocephalus, Brain tumour, Paralysis, Cardiac Diseases eg; Angina, vessels blockage, Hypertension, Bronchial Asthma, Pleurisy, Liver Diseases, Kidney Diseases eg; Acute Renal Failure, Chronic Rena Failure, Renal Stones, Male & Female Diseases and several other acute and chronic diseases where conventional and other systems are failed.

Quality Policy Statement

Rafaheaam Dawakhana (Herbal Laboratories) Ajmali ensures the quality and standard of its products adhering to the international standards and laws. We takes following measures to maintain quality and standard

  1. Procure best quality of raw material.
  2. Follow current Good Manufacturing Practices.
  3. Conduct regular checking of raw material: in-process/intermediate material and finished products in order to maintain quality control
  4. Give importance to training of all personnel/employees, involved in production process.
Sanguine Melancholic Choleric Phlegmatic
Air Earth Fire Water
Spring Autumn Summer Winter

   Humors              Sanguine      Melancholic      Choleric      Phlegmatic

                                 Air                         Earth                  Fire            Water

                                 Spring          Autumn             Summer       Winter

Note that this chart correlates the seasons with the humors differently.

Humors              Blood            Black Bile        Yellow Bile     Phlegm

           Air                Earth                  Fire            Water                                 Spring          Autumn             Summer       Winter

Humors              Sanguine      Melancholic      Choleric      Phlegmatic

                                 Air                Earth                  Fire            Water                               Spring          Autumn             Summer       Winter


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